If you are looking for something a little different and quirky for your wedding or private party then you have come to the right place. Our beautiful van 'Contessa' is available for private hire, along with our brand new pop up 'Rizzo', the pink lady. Please see below for a sample of our delicious taco menu. Alongside these we can also offer starters, sides and desserts. For prices and further information please contact us directly. 


Each guest will receive two freshly prepared tacos with their choice of topping served on gluten free handmade corn tortillas.

The Pork a Cola.jpg

The Pork-a-Cola (GF) 


Mexican slow braised pork shoulder served with roasted tomato salsa, red onion & fresh coriander

Bahn Mi-Guel.jpg

The Bahn-Miguel


Vietnamese BBQ pork, served with pickled carrot, cucumber and daikon, fresh chilies, sriracha mayo & fresh coriander leaves

Rage Against the Tagine 2.jpg

Rage Against the Tagine (G.F)

Moroccan chicken & stone fruit tagine w/ carrot, almond & chickpea slaw, harissa yogurt & fresh coriander


Beauty and the Beef (G.F)

Mexican spiced grilled steak, served with pico de gallo, avocado crema and fresh coriander

Waiting for Codot.jpg

Waiting for Codot (G.F)

Classic British beer battered fish finger served with a rainbow slaw, mango habanero salsa, chipotle tartar sauce and fresh coriander



Let's avo cwtch.jpg

Let’s Avo Cwtch (G.F)

Californian gin and tonic tempura avocado served with a lemon and agave slaw, vegan chipotle aioli & fresh coriander

The Nutty Vegan.jpg

The Nutty Vegan (G.F)

Mexican spiced walnut and cashew mince w/ pico de gallo, chunky guacamole, vegan sour cream, lettuce & fresh coriander

Falawsome Taco.jpg

The Falawsome Taco

Middle Eastern falafel served with tabbouleh, hummus, tzatziki & fresh parsley