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The Bearded Taco is the love child of Sian and Jake, hailing from Cardiff and California with a few other countries in between. We love to travel and we love to eat and so we have attempted to create a taco menu using influences from the many countries we have been lucky enough to visit. If you are looking for traditional Mexican street tacos, you've come to the wrong place. Although they do play an important part in our menu, rather we use international inspiration to build on a Mexican foundation.

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We trade from a uniquely converted ford transit van named Contessa, who spent most of her previous life as a police riot wagon before being lovingly restored to her current position. We source all ingredients locally wherever possible and all packaging used is recycled / compostable. EVERYTHING on our menu is made from scratch including the gluten free handmade corn tortillas and we always offer at least one tasty and innovative vegetarian option.

We get itchy feet if we stay in one place too long so we do not have a permanent spot, however you will find us at various pop ups, markets and festivals all over Cardiff and the rest of South Wales and the South West of England. Keep an eye out for our monthly schedules on social media or mosey on over to the 'find us' page on our website to see where we will be this month.

We are also available for private hire, so if you are looking for something a bit different for your wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah, Quinceañera or just because it’s Tuesday - then get in touch!!